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There is a ‘just right’ carpet brand for your home

Carpet floors serve many functions. While one carpet brand may be 'at home' in the basement, another brand may be perfect for providing warmth and cushioning in a child's play space. What's more, some brands tolerate heavy foot traffic in family rooms while other brands are best for the master or guest bedrooms. Ram Interiors is a carpet retailer in Owasso, Oklahoma, that has the ‘just right’ carpet flooring for every area in your home. You can come to our showroom to browse carpet samples or our mobile showroom can bring those samples to you.


There is a reason that nylon is the overwhelming favorite carpet fiber. It can be counted on to retain its original appearance throughout its long lifespan. It is resilient, and thus, able to bounce back when heavy furniture is removed. It can tolerate heavy traffic, and it’s usually treated in the factory to resist stains. Triexta is a newer synthetic fiber that is also durable as well as inherently stain resistant. Olefin, acrylic, and polyester are additional synthetic fibers. More expensive wool carpeting is popular for master bedrooms. This luxurious fiber feels great underfoot.

Loop and cut pile

Loops of fibers are sewn onto a backing to make carpeting. A short loop pile is the most durable type of carpet flooring. Fiber thickness and the length of the individual fibers determine the carpet pile. Loops can be cut at the tips to create a cut pile. Fiber strands are twisted after they are cut. This type of carpeting tends to be softer and denser than a loop pile. The twist, or turn, count helps to determine durability. Look for the TPI, or turns per inch, number on the label. A TPI that ranges from 4.5 to 6.0 is desirable.


When it comes to durability, padding, or underlayment, is just as important as the type of fiber used to make the carpet. Padding is usually made of polyurethane foam, the material used to make mattresses. It absorbs the impact of foot traffic, and it makes the carpet more comfortable to walk on. In addition to cushioning, padding provides insulation, sound absorption, and subfloor protection. Carpeting needs to be paired with the correct padding. A 7/16-inch pad is standard, but a short pile carpet often needs a thinner pad.

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